Jordan Egler

Jordan Egler - guitar and vocals

Jordan Egler always assumed that rock-&-roll was the province of debauched English superstars and shirtless Majesty-of-Rock stadium bands. But in high school, when a friend played the first four bars of "Stairway To Heaven" on a crappy acoustic, the epiphany hit. Rock could be played by any aimless Midwestern teenager! From then on it was total immersion in all things guitar. Grades dropped, hair grew long, parents fretted, and the girls took notice. Countless bands followed, and the styles were ranging: Garage Slop, Aimless Jamoramma, Inebriated Blues, Southern Fried, Dance Pop, Folkaholic, Country, and Misunderstood Space Rock.

Multiply that by horniness and inebriation, subtract inhibition, add a backyard trash fire and divide by 4 and you end up with Stone Giants-style Psycho Psychedelia. With all the guys in The Stone Giants pooling their professionalism and their love of raucous live shows, Jordan is certain he can help inspire a new generation of aimless Midwestern teenagers to pick up their guitars and keep the flame alive.
Rock at all costs!


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